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How a network can work for you

If you’re a business owner, selecting the right accountancy firm can be a daunting prospect. Is there any real way of distinguishing one from another? What criteria can you use to make an informed choice on the best accountancy firm for you and your business? If you’re running a small or medium sized enterprise (SME) […]

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Cyber Security – Part Three

Welcome to part three of our short blog series on cyber security. If you have missed the earlier blogs please check out part one and part two. In the first two blogs we discussed various small steps you can take to protect your business from a security breach. In this blog we will talk about […]

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Cyber Security – Part Two

  Welcome to part two of our short blog series on cyber security. If you missed part one please click here to read our previous blog post. In a recent survey the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) found that 31% of small businesses experienced a staff-related breach in 2015 which was an increase […]

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Cyber Security – Part One

Welcome to part one of our short series on cyber security. Cyber security is something which is often in the back of all of our minds, in terms of both how can we prevent a breach and what to do should our systems be breached. This is then brought to the forefront when large-scale cyber […]

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Tax Investigation Fees – Are you protected?

In the past HMRC’s role was to ensure you or your business paid the correct amount of tax, however this has now changed. They are now seeking to maximise the level of revenue collected from taxpayers, of which they have set a target of an additional £27 billion over the next 12 months. This will […]

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