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Making your business greener


Most of us are now used to doing our bit for the environment at home. We’ll happily separate recycling from other rubbish and take our own bags to the supermarket.  Small steps, but ones that make us feel we’re achieving something positive at a time when climate change and the environment have a higher profile than ever. However there are also benefits to going green at work.

It pays to be green

According to the British Assessment Bureau, bad waste practices are costing UK businesses at least £15 billion per year. There are many small steps your business can take to be more environmentally friendly, and save money!


Do you need to leave lights and electrical devices (PCs, printers etc.) on at all times? Get staff into the habit of turning off lights and electronics when they leave the room. You can also benefit from using energy efficient light bulbs. Depending on the nature of your business having lights on a sensor for less used areas can also help to save on electricity.


In most companies it is not feasible to go completely paperless but it is possible to reduce printing and paper waste. Encourage staff to read on-screen rather than printing where possible. Print on both sides to save on both paper and ink – you can add this as a default setting on your printer. You can also look into refilling your ink cartridges instead of buying new to save on plastic waste. These steps will also have the added benefit of saving you money on paper and ink whilst helping the environment.


Speak to your waste management company to construct a system that is effective and simple to use and maintain in your particular business. Also check any regulations which may apply to your industry as this could affect how you have to dispose of waste safely.


Think if it is possible to cut down your journeys in vehicles – set up online meetings, car sharing etc. Also if arranging company cars consider more economical or hybrid cars, as if they suit your business these cars will be better for the environment and save you money on fuel.

Go green!

To be effective in going green in your business and cutting costs ensure you explain the importance and benefits to your staff and get them on board. You may find they have more ideas and suggestions on ways to reduce your environmental footprint and save money at the same time. So make sure you get your staff involved.

There are many benefits to going green in business. The steps don’t have to be particularly expensive or complicated – in many cases they can actually save you and your business money. In addition you can demonstrate your environmental credentials to potential customers so it may also draw in more business.

Andrew Picker



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