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Comprehensive Chartered Accounting services in Northampton and Daventry


The Latest App Technology for all Businesses in Northampton and Daventry

Your business needs to take full advantage of the latest technologies. One of the most powerful is the App. You may already use a number of Apps to ensure your company stays profitable and successful. But are you taking complete control of your business’ finances with Apps?

The App from DNG, Chartered Accountants is your route to a more profitable business. Ours has been designed with businesses in Northampton and Daventry in mind. With a comprehensive set of features, you will wonder how you ever ran your business without this tool.

Our App has many features we are sure your business will come to rely upon. Some of the most useful include:

  • 16 great tax and finance calculators including VAT, salary or dividend and company car benefits
  • Track your receipts with ease. Take a photograph of your receipt and you’re done!
  • Keep an eye on how many miles you are travelling and how much this is costing with a handy mileage calculator.

You can start to run your business more efficiently today.

What’s more the DNG, Chartered Accountants App is totally free!

Why not take it for a test drive today.

Install the DNG Chartered Accountants App today

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