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During these unusual and challenging times for individuals, businesses, and other organisations we are here to help.

Our offices may be temporarily closed but our team are continuing to help our clients not only with our usual range of services, support and advice but also in helping them access various types of support being provided to businesses, organisations and individuals who may have been impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak. The government support is constantly changing so contact us to see how we can help.

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Your Essential Business Calculators

DNG, Chartered Accountants are all about accounting and financial management made easy. We know that business owners are time poor, and as a result we have developed a number of easy-to-use calculators that can give you insight into many aspects of your business.

The comprehensive list of calculators we have available covers all areas of business management from calculating car benefit to Corporation Tax. Take a look at the calculators that are available. Once you start to use the calculators, you’ll wonder how you ever ran your business without them!

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Capital gains tax

Check your initial liability to capital gains tax – then discuss with us your options for reducing this tax liability.

Business start-up

Thinking of going into business? Do you have enough finance? Use this calculator to estimate your business start up costs.

Car benefit

What is the cost of your company car including the car benefit, and, if applicable, the car fuel benefit. Also, find out the cost of your van benefit.

Loan cost

How much interest will you pay on a loan? Use this calculator to look at the impact of different interest rates over varying time periods.


Are you paying the correct amount of PAYE? Check you are having the correct amount of tax deducted from your income.


Find out how much you will accumulate if you save regularly and how much will those savings be worth taking the effect of inflation into account.


Calculate the VAT to be paid where VAT is included in the amount entered at the standard rate of 20%.

Inheritance tax

How much inheritance tax might your estate be liable to on the occasion of your death? Good tax planning can reduce this liability.

Break even

Will you breakeven? This calculator will provide the sales figure you need in order to break even, i.e. obtain a net profit figure of zero.

Gross profit

What is your gross profit? Calculate your gross profit using sales/cost of sales or gross profit per cent to sales.

Corporation tax

Take an approximate look at your company’s forthcoming liability to corporation tax.
Unincorporated profits.

Take an approximate look at your likely liability to tax on your business profit or your share of partnership profit.


This calculator gives you the opportunity to calculate when your savings will be worth a million.

Property taxes

Calculate the liability to taxes on the purchase of shares or property.

Fuel cost

With the constant fluctuating and ever-increasing cost of fuel, our calculator shows your expenditure over a year, and includes a link to fuel saving strategies.

Resource Centre

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