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Comprehensive Chartered Accounting services in Northampton and Daventry


Accounts and Audit Advice in Northampton and Daventry


DNG, Chartered Accountants can prepare accounts for all types of business including sole traders, partnerships, and limited liability companies, in any sector of the economy.

Having us prepare your annual accounts has many benefits including:

  • You receive an accurate account of your true financial position
  • We have the opportunity to identify any potential areas of weakness in your business and advise you on appropriate remedial action
  • You have a professionally documented basis for future finance applications, reports, etc.
  • You have peace of mind of knowing your accounts are in full compliance with statutory requirements
  • The overall image and reputation of your business is greatly enhanced by your being able to present a professionally prepared set of accounts


An audit is no less valuable because the law has forced it upon your business. Performing an audit even when you don’t have to will mean you have a wealth of information at your fingertips. Information that can be used to fine tune your business and boost your profits.

Even though many businesses don’t need to have an audit by law, many of our clients still choose to have one, as there are tremendous benefits available. DNG are great believers in helping businesses better understand the financial aspects of their enterprises. With more information and insight, you can then make more informed decisions.

Indeed, there are strong commercial arguments for having an audit. Such as getting the best price when you come to sell, keeping banks happy when you need help with finance, keeping credit insurers and suppliers content. But most of all, giving you the comfort of knowing that you have strong controls and accurate results.

Our audit team takes care of a range of auditing requirements including:

  • Statutory audit
  • Due diligence
  • FCA compliance
  • Assurance reviews
  • Reports to third parties

With long experience spanning many business sectors, DNG, Chartered Accountants can become your guide through the sometimes-choppy waters of accounts and audit. We always aim to demystify accounts and audit to ensure each client has the information they need about their businesses when they need it. And we pride ourselves on being a financial service provider companies across Northampton and Daventry have come to rely upon.

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