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During these unusual and challenging times for individuals, businesses, and other organisations we are here to help.

Our offices may be temporarily closed but our team are continuing to help our clients not only with our usual range of services, support and advice but also in helping them access various types of support being provided to businesses, organisations and individuals who may have been impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak. The government support is constantly changing so contact us to see how we can help.

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Business Advice in Northampton

Business Planning For All Northampton Enterprises

As a business owner you have no doubt been reminded on more than one occasion of the importance of business advice and planning. And no doubt you agree that planning is important.

And yet in all probability you rarely seem to find the time to sit down and develop strategic plans. You end up flying by the seat of your pants, trusting your intuitions and relying on snap judgments rather than adhering to a pre-arranged strategy.

Experience has taught us at DNG, Chartered Accountants that it is precisely this ‘sixth sense’ that many business owners and managers seem to possess that is the driving force behind entrepreneurship – which we have learned to take seriously.

But the planning is important. As accountants serving Northampton, we have seen countless business that have benefited from sound business planning. You plan for taxation and other business expenditure, so why not plan for your business’ development as well? Without sound analysis, clear projections, and well-thought out contingencies, businesses tend to become hostages to fortune.

Plan to Succeed With Expert Accountancy Advice

Proactive management is replaced by reactive coping, and instead of following a well-thought-out plan, owners and managers are reduced to responding to unforeseen events, or trying to catch up on missed opportunities.

At DNG we have clear insight into sound business planning based on years of experience. As a Chartered Accountants we see the ebb and flow of business as it moves through various stages of development. With our help you can plan each of these stages to ensure they are successful and profitable.

This is why we encourage our clients to schedule regular planning sessions. We can help you:

  • Formulate and implement long-term strategic goals
  • Set concrete operational objectives
  • Monitor performance and adjust plans accordingly

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Cash Flow Forecasts

Cash flow forecasts are a vital tool to assist you in planning and driving your business forward and negotiating the required facilities with your bankers. We can prepare cash flow forecasts to enable you to determine the financial requirements of your business and walk you through them step by step.

Business Valuations

One of our key objectives at DNG, Chartered Accountants is to help our clients increase the value of their businesses. We will produce a detailed report showing the current value of the business and ideas on how you can maximise its worth.

Business Owner Support

Being a business owner is often a lonely place to be. Having advisers that can act as a sounding board to discuss your worries, plans, or business challenges can be a huge help. All of our partners are business owners themselves. They can not only offer you their financial experience but also their commercial experience – all just a phone call away.

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